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  1. Vanessa
    January 2020 @ 12:41 PM

    Hi Kristen,

    I found your post while googling “Moving to Florida is my dream” to see how others think about relocating to the Sunshine State. I’m so happy to see I’m not alone in this world to have fear, uncertainty and intuition regarding the decision to move to Florida. Your post is so inspiring. We share many common thoughts and feelings. I’m a clinical pharmacist specialist working at a hospital in Philadelphia. I love my current job. I get along well with my co-workers. Everyone is treating me with high regard. Patient care is my top priority. I pray for my patients almost everyday. However, my heart is somewhere else. My mind is occupied with the pictures of me living in Florida. I passed the Florida pharmacy law exam and got a Fl license which is a huge step to overcome while maintaining a full time job. I’ve applied for different pharmacist positions in the Tampa Bay area, Sarasota and Bradenton, but haven’t got a job offer yet. However deep down in my heart I have a huge fear of the unknown. I toss and turn in my bed at night and my heart is racing even at rest. There are so many questions to answer. Like you, I trust my fate in the hand of the higher power. I’m glad I have found your post, it was like an invisible hand directed me to your blog during the lowest point of my life season. Thank you for sharing your experience and emotion. I wish you have a great year ahead filled with joy and happiness. Van


    • ॐ KConn
      May 2020 @ 12:04 PM

      Thank you for sharing your journey and thoughts!! Moving to Florida was a huge step for me as well, coming from New York 🙂 It was one of the best decisions I’ve made and impacted so much more of my life. I would say if you heart is pulling you there, it might be time to explore the opportunity. I hope the answers continue to come to you and opportunities open where they need to! I’m sure that now there are even more uncertainties, but hope you have found a path that feels right for you! Thank you for your comment and pest of luck <3 Kristen


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