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  1. Edd
    January 2017 @ 6:47 PM


    Have enjoyed catching up with your and your Blogs. You have expressed your thoughts and feeling quite well, so no worry about your literary talents. Also, I have been in awe of your photographic skills. Of course this is coming from a point and shoot type of camera person. Appreciate your meditative side and encourage your stance on being the best for you that you can be. Speaks well of your generation ( some of us are older you know).

    A note for your “real world side” My knee is coming along fine but I found an exercise you might add to your repertorie.
    Using a band hook it to a solid object (chair leg with someone else fanny in it) sit in another chair and put band on leg. Pull away from chair with involved leg. I even modified that by pushing forward and pulling to the back as well. very little pain at all in leg now. Thanks for all your help.


    • ॐ KConn
      January 2017 @ 2:44 PM

      It’s so great to hear you’re following along and getting enjoyment out of it!!
      Sounds like an awesome exercise!! A good way to strengthen… I’m so happy you’re having less pain – I had no doubt you’d recover quickly and healthily 🙂 What’s next on the agenda??
      Stay healthy and well!


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