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  1. Linda Mulhall
    September 2017 @ 6:40 AM

    Love your posts! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. Have hope… more people than you think have strong spiritual values and feel the presence of God in their lives. I’ve often worried that so many young people don’t have a spiritual belief system but I see that YOU do and that gives me hope. Maybe the USA has too much ‘stuff’ and not enough love. And our politicians mostly think that they can legislate love and equality which has never been true. If you have not already read ‘The Science of Mind’, I think you might find a great deal of value in it. And if you do read it and have questions, please ask. I was a licensed practitioner in Religious Science for many years and have a pretty good grasp of it.


    • ॐ KConn
      September 2017 @ 3:13 PM

      You’re always MOST supportive and on-point with your beautiful responses! I certainly agree with the sentiment we have too much “stuff.” And WOW have you hit the nail on the head with legislating love and equality! It’s more of a feeling than a LAW, and our over-emphasis on these details from a lawful lens (I believe) may be diminishing the power it can have by focusing on an individual level. I’d love to check out the book (I take recommendations quite seriously). With all of the world’s current natural disasters, I think there have been more thoughts and prayers being sent out, which is hopefully binding our togetherness with a spiritual backdrop. I know I’ll be exploring more of my spirituality after this trip; there’s something much more powerful out there, and I hope we stay connected to it <3


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